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How to use Semi Permanent Hair Color at home?

How to use Semi Permanent Hair Color at home?

With so many beautiful hair color trends to choose from while scrolling through social media, it can be tempting to try something new, which isn't always easy. You can experiment with various colors without committing long term by using semi-permanent hair coloring and temporary hair color sprays. Because a semi-permanent color fades over time in just a few shampoos, you can either change colors or switch to a permanent dye if you like the new color.

Semi-permanent hair dye is a safe and quick technique to color your hair. It doesn't include ammonia or peroxide, unlike other permanent solutions, so it doesn't require any developer or pre-mixing and may be applied right from the applicator to your hair. It usually lasts a few washes, and if you use the appropriate ingredients, it may last much longer. It's also safe to use on permed or relaxed hair because it doesn't require bleaching. Hair color that is semi-permanent may give gloss and shine to dull hair.


Steps to use semi-permanent hair color at home? 

Step 1: Select and section pre-lightened dry hair, washed hair

You will have to start by bleaching your hair. Bleaching is the process of lightening your current hair pigment, which is the first stage of any hair color process. Semi-permanent hair color will not deposit on dark-colored pigment and it can’t be used to cover greys too. Semi-permanent hair color will only be visible on pre-lightened hair, preferably at level 8 or more. Then, select and section your hair so that you can apply the color to each and every hair without any uneven coloring.


Step 2: Apply it thoroughly to your hair

Using gloves while coloring your hair, helps in maintaining hygiene. Squeeze the color onto your gloved hands and apply it directly to your hair. An important note here is to not mix the color with water, conditioner, shampoo, or any other product. Just apply it directly to your hair. Saturate each section of bleached lengths and ends of the hair thoroughly. Now, let it rest for 30 minutes.


Step 3: Rinse your hair & flaunt your colors

Wash your hair with utmost care and make sure no part or section of your hair is left unwashed. Your hair is now colored. Just dry, style, and show off your new amazing hair to everyone. Blow away everyone with your charisma and be ready to have people keep gazing at your hair in awe.


This is how easy it is to color your hair with semi-permanent hair colors. Order yours today!