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Does Clear Gloss change hair color?

Does Clear Gloss change hair color?

No, remember that 2.Oh! Semi-permanent Clear Gloss is meant to enhance shine and add richness to your hair’s natural color without actually changing the color itself.

However, 2.Oh! Clear Gloss can be mixed with any Semi Permanent Hair Color to lighten, and brighten it and give it an electric pop Create your own unique color by mixing it with other Colors. or create a unique Ombre effect by mixing it with a single vivid color.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to add color to your hair, consider using a regular Semi Permanent Hair Color instead of Clear Gloss.

Oh! Tip: Clear Gloss

2.Oh! Semi Permanent Clear Gloss is an ultimate multi-tasker. It is transparent and hence doesn't alter the color but enhances shine and vibrancy. It's often used to add a glossy finish and improve overall hair texture without changing the existing color.

Clear Gloss offers 2 dazzling applications:

  1. A hair gloss is designed to enhance the shine and vibrancy of natural, highlighted, or colored hair. It can be applied directly as a gloss, providing instant radiant shine that typically lasts 2-3 washes.

  2. Color Enhancement

    Additionally, when mixed with hair color, a clear gloss can pastelize the shade, imparting a mirror-like finish and adding an electric pop to the overall look.