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How come my hair does not feel damaged when I use the 2.Oh! Hair bleach?

How come my hair does not feel damaged when I use the 2.Oh! Hair bleach?

2.Oh! Bleach is a remarkable product which has the groundbreaking plex 2.Oh! Bond protects Technology, which ensures the protection and nourishment of your hair, even after undergoing bleach. 

One of the standout features of 2.Oh! Bleach is it’s Level 2 speed - it lightens your hair at lightning speed! That too with a 20 Volume developer. One more reason because of which your hair does not feel damaged!

Additionally, it incorporates Comfort Fragrance Technology, providing a pleasant and soothing fragrance during the bleaching process. 

With this exceptional product, you can bid farewell to the fear of bleach, as it embodies the next level of bleach innovation. Say goodbye to hesitation, because when it comes to bleach, 2.Oh! Is the ultimate solution that will leave you amazed and delighted. 

Oh! Tip: Lightning Kit

The At Home Hair Bleach Kit is the perfect prelightening canvas for Semi Permanent Hair Color. Infused with bond-protecting Plex 2.Oh!, enriched with Argan Oil, and featuring Comfort Fragrance Technology, it offers a worry-free bleaching experience, creating the perfect canvas for our semi-permanent hair colors allowing you to embrace a spectrum of your dreams without fear.