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What does level 8 and level 9 in bleach mean?

What does level 8 and level 9 in bleach mean?

Level 1 is dark black hair and level 10 is the lightest blonde hair. 

So the higher the number, the lighter the hair color.

A level 8 color might be described as medium blonde, this color will show through almost any shade of Semi Permanent Hair Color

Light Blonde or Platinum Blonde would be level 9 on the color scale. At this point, any hue, including pastels and platinum, will effortlessly show. 

For the best color pay off in Semi Permanent Hair Color - Aim for a level 8 or 9.

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The At Home Hair Bleach Kit is the perfect prelightening canvas for Semi Permanent Hair Color. Infused with bond-protecting Plex 2.Oh!, enriched with Argan Oil, and featuring Comfort Fragrance Technology, it offers a worry-free bleaching experience, creating the perfect canvas for our semi-permanent hair colors allowing you to embrace a spectrum of your dreams without fear.