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What is 2.Oh! Clear Gloss?

What is 2.Oh! Clear Gloss?

Our Semi-Permanent Clear Gloss is designed to be transparent, allowing you to wear it alone or layer it over your favorite hair color for an intensified glossy effect. It's also suitable for all hair types, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a high-gloss finish without altering their hair color.

2.Oh! Semi-Permanent Clear Gloss is enriched with Argan Oil and Sunflower Seed Extracts to provide deep hydration to your hair, leaving them soft, smooth, and lusciously shiny.

Oh! Tip: Clear Gloss

2.Oh! Semi Permanent Clear Gloss is an ultimate multi-tasker. It is transparent and hence doesn't alter the color but enhances shine and vibrancy. It's often used to add a glossy finish and improve overall hair texture without changing the existing color.

Clear Gloss offers 2 dazzling applications:

1. Shiny Hair Gloss

A hair gloss is designed to enhance the shine and vibrancy of natural, highlighted, or colored hair. It can be applied directly as a gloss, providing instant radiant shine that typically lasts 2-3 washes.

2. Color Enhancement

Additionally, when mixed with hair color, a clear gloss can pastelize the shade, imparting a mirror-like finish and adding an electric pop to the overall look.