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Why are some developers 20 volumes and some 6%?

Why are some developers 20 volumes and some 6%?

Haha! Planning to color your hair, but got confused about so many different names in the market?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Volume 20 developers and 6% peroxide developers are one and the same. 

They just have different naming conventions. Hope that helps.

Oh! Tip: 2.Oh! Anti Yellow Shampoo

2.Oh! Anti Yellow Shampoo is expertly crafted purple shampoo with Next-Generation Blue-Violet Pigments to gently cleanse your hair, efficiently reducing brassiness and yellow undertones in bleached and highlighted hair. In the case of Grey, Salt, and Pepper, or White hair, it rejuvenates natural radiance, offering a purer, brighter color. Enriched with Argan Oil, this shampoo provides a skillful balance of ingredients that not only safeguards hair from breakage but also deeply nourishes it, leaving it soft and brilliantly shiny.