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Style & Repair Combo : Hair Serum + Hair Styling Spray

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2.Oh! Hair Repair Serum In Crème is a hair repair serum designed to strengthen and nourish your hair. It's formulated with a powerful blend of Strengthening Keratin and Nourishing Argan Oil.

Hydrolysed Keratin in this serum penetrates deeply into each strand, reinforcing your hair from within, making it stronger and more resilient.

Argan Oil in the formula provides intense moisture, leaving your locks soft, smooth, and free from frizz.

2.Oh! Hair Repair Serum is formulated to be lightweight and non-greasy. It absorbs quickly and leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable without weighing it down.

2.Oh! Hair Repair Serum is designed for all hair types. Whether you have curly, straight, wavy, or coily hair, this serum can help strengthen and nourish your locks.

Hydrolysed Keratin, present in our Hair Repair Serum, is a specially processed form of the protein Keratin, renowned for its remarkable hair-strengthening properties.

Keratin is a natural component of our hair, forming an essential part of its structure. Over time, due to various factors, these keratin bonds may weaken, leading to issues like breakage and damage.

When Keratin undergoes the process of  hydrolysis,  it is broken down into smaller hydrolysed keratin molecules, which allows it to infuse deeply into each strand of your hair.

By reinforcing these keratin bonds from within, the serum contributes to enhanced resilience, minimized damage, and an overall improvement in the health and appearance of your hair.

The 2.Oh! 3 in 1 Hair Styling Spray – a true revelation in the world of hair styling. 

Our 3 in 1 Hair Styling Spray is not merely a hair product; it's an extraordinary experience.

It gives an instant shine to your hair, a  remarkable volume and lift to the roots, while it providing an exceptional heat protection during the blow-drying process. 

It is truly an "All-in-One" solution for your everyday styling requirements. It caters effortlessly to all your hair styling needs, ensuring that your hair remains irresistibly soft, exquisitely shiny, and abundantly nourished. Say goodbye to frizz and static – this spray keeps your hair under control, always ready for the spotlight.

What truly sets it apart is its remarkable ability to deliver outstanding results without leaving a trace of residue, crunchiness, or frizz. Enriched with a powerful blend  of panthenol and  of five incredible proteins, it's the pinnacle of hair styling, a choice for those who demand nothing but the best.

Panthenol is like a super moisturiser in the Hair Styling Spray. It is a humectant in the Hair Styling Spray, acting like a moisture-attracting agent.  It does not just stay on the surface, Panthenol delves deep into the hair, drawing and retaining moisture. This humectant property not only ensures optimal hydration for the hair but also works to minimize frizz, resulting in a sleek and well-maintained appearance.

Using Panthenol makes your hair soft and easy to handle, plus it makes each strand of hair more flexible and bouncy.

It's like magic for your hair – Panthenol even makes your hair seem thicker and fuller. It's like a little boost for each strand, making them look plump and healthy. So, when you use our styling spray with Panthenol, it's not just for styling – it will also leave the hair feeling more moisturised and enhancing its natural texture.

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Customer Reviews

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Agraj Jaiswal

I’m a repeat buyer so obviously I love the brand. Good routine with Serum and Styling spray.

My hair have become shinier and I can style my hair without worrying about the damage.