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I have bleached my hair for 45 mins - why is it not at platinum blonde level?

I have bleached my hair for 45 mins - why is it not at platinum blonde level?

The effectiveness of bleaching your hair can vary based on several factors, and sometimes, a 30-minute bleaching session might not achieve the desired results.

Here are some reasons why your hair might not be showing the expected outcome:

  1. Virgin vs. Previously Treated Hair: If your hair has never been colored or chemically treated (virgin hair), it may need multiple bleaching sessions to lighten significantly.

  2. Hair Type: Different hair types, such as fine or coarse, may react differently to bleach. Coarse hair may take longer to lighten, while fine hair may lighten more quickly.

  3. Proper Application: The way bleach is applied is crucial. Even distribution and adequate saturation are essential for consistent results. If the bleach isn't applied properly, you might have uneven or inadequate lighting.

  4. Time and Patience: Achieving the desired hair color often requires multiple bleaching sessions spaced apart to minimize damage and maintain hair health.

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