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When is it advised to use an Anti Yellow Shampoo?

When is it advised to use an Anti Yellow Shampoo?

Anti-yellow shampoo is advised for anyone looking to combat brassy or yellow undertones in their hair, regardless of their hair color. It's not limited to specific hair colors and can be used by anyone who wants to maintain a vibrant and salon-like shine in their hair.

2.Oh! Anti Yellow Shampoo is formulated to neutralize the unwanted yellow or brassy tones that can develop in hair, especially in highlighted, blonde, or gray hair. Our Shampoo contains violet-blue pigments that counteract the yellow hues, helping to restore the natural or desired color of the hair.

Furthermore, 2.Oh Anti Yellow Shampoo is enriched with ingredients like Argan Oil, which provides additional benefits. They help protect the hair from breakage, deeply nourish it, and leave it feeling soft and shiny. So, it's not just about color correction but also about overall hair health and appearance.

Oh! Tip: Anti Yellow Shampoo

2.Oh! Anti Yellow Shampoo is expertly crafted purple shampoo with Next-Generation Blue-Violet Pigments to gently cleanse your hair, efficiently reducing brassiness and yellow undertones in bleached and highlighted hair. In the case of Grey, Salt, and Pepper, or White hair, it rejuvenates natural radiance, offering a purer, brighter color. Enriched with Argan Oil, this shampoo provides a skillful balance of ingredients that not only safeguards hair from breakage but also deeply nourishes it, leaving it soft and brilliantly shiny.