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Is it safe to mix two shades of colors?

Is it safe to mix two shades of colors?

You have a lot of freedom and control over the lightness/darkness, color, and brightness of your hair colors when you mix two different hair colors.

Use a ¾ primary color and ¼ secondary color ratio if you want your primary color to stand out. 

A ratio of ½ primary color to ½ secondary color will offer you the ideal balance if you desire an equal contribution from each color. 

Just be careful not to combine cool and warm colors. 

Oh! Tip: 2.Oh! Semi Permanent Hair Color

2.Oh! Semi-permanent Hair Color offers a vibrant hue lasting up to 15 washes, allowing for hair experimentation without a long-term commitment. Crafted in Italy and created for India our formula is enriched with nourishing ingredients like Sunflower seed extract and Argan Oil. Achieve professional-looking results easily at home, perfect for those seeking a vibrant and enduring pop of color. Suitable for curly, wavy, and straight hair types, light, dark, or grey. Note that the color is visible only on pre-lightened or bleached hair.