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One helpful hack for achieving better hair color results?

One helpful hack for achieving better hair color results?

For the best hair color results, apply the color in small sections and ensure each strand is fully covered. Saturate both sides of the hair and even the spaces between sections. 

After applying the color, rinse off the excess pigment, but don't shampoo your hair right away. Waiting until the next day to shampoo helps the micro pure pigments adhere properly to the hair shaft. 

This method not only makes the color more vibrant but also ensures it lasts longer. By following this simple hack, you can achieve a more even and long-lasting hair color.

Oh! Tips: 2.Oh! Semi Permanent Hair Color

2.Oh! Semi-permanent Hair Color offers a vibrant hue lasting up to 15 washes, allowing for hair experimentation without a long-term commitment. Crafted in Italy and created for India our formula is enriched with nourishing ingredients like Sunflower seed extract and Argan Oil. Achieve professional-looking results easily at home, perfect for those seeking a vibrant and enduring pop of color. Suitable for curly, wavy, and straight hair types, light, dark, or grey. Note that the color is visible only on pre-lightened or bleached hair.