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Why should I use a Semi Permanent Hair Color?

Why should I use a Semi Permanent Hair Color?

Love the idea of a fun hair makeover?

2.Oh! Semi Permanent Hair Color is a dream come true if you are looking for a fun way to experiment with your hair. 

2.Oh! Semi Permanent Hair Color is an easy at-home application that lasts 8-10 washes and fades beautifully.

It can be blended to generate a wide range of bespoke hues and tones. This means it’s ideal for switching up your hue whenever you feel like trying something new. 

Semi Permanent Hair Color coats the top surface of the hair cuticle rather than coloring the hair’s inner cuticle unlike permanent hair color that results in a fundamental change in color. 

2.Oh! Semi Permanent Hair Color uses Micro Pure Pigment Technology which helps in delivering intense vibrant color, has a conditioning base and it is enriched with argan oil that makes hair soft and shiny and sunflower seed extract, which helps condition your hair every time you use it. 

Oh! Tip: 2.Oh! Semi Permanent Hair Color

2.Oh! Semi-permanent Hair Color offers a vibrant hue lasting up to 15 washes, allowing for hair experimentation without a long-term commitment. Crafted in Italy and created for India our formula is enriched with nourishing ingredients like Sunflower seed extract and Argan Oil. Achieve professional-looking results easily at home, perfect for those seeking a vibrant and enduring pop of color. Suitable for curly, wavy, and straight hair types, light, dark, or grey. Note that the color is visible only on pre-lightened or bleached hair.