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Crafted in Italy, using next generation Blue - Violet Pigments, 2.Oh! Anti Yellow  Shampoo has been specially developed for colored, highlighted, bleached and grey hair.

It’s the ultimate solution to say goodbye to brassy yellow undertones and to restore salon like shine and brightness. 

Formulated with Next-Generation Blue-Violet Pigments, 2.Oh!™ Anti Yellow Shampoo gently cleanses your hair while effectively reducing the brassiness and yellow undertones of bleached and highlighted hair.

  • Specially formulated with Next Generation Blue – Violet Pigments.

  • On a Color Wheel, Blue and Violet are on the opposite side of Yellow and Orange, so this specially developed formula counteracts the unwanted Yellow – Orange undertones in hair, especially after bleaching hair or when highlighted hair starts to look dull.

  • Use on Grey Salt and Pepper Hair, or White hair to help restore the natural radiance of your hair to give you a Purer Brighter Color.

  • Enriched with Argan Oil, the skillfully balanced ingredients of 2.Oh! Anti Yellow Shampoo help protect hair from breakage, leaving it deeply nourished, soft and shiny.

Contents Formulated and Manufactured in Italy.


Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Chloride, Polyquaternium-7, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Acid Violet 43, Citric Acid, Fragrance, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Gluconate, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin.

How to Use

Apply a small amount of product to wet hair. Massage gently, leave on for 3-5 minutes or until you achieve the desired toning results; then rinse carefully. Apply once a week or when yellow undertones becomes visible.

Additional Information

Name: 2.Oh! (Two Point Oh!) Anti Yellow Shampoo 300 ml

Manufactured by: Maxima Solutions, Plot No. 56, Sector-IIDC, IIE, SIDCUL, Pantnagar-263153.
District - Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand.

Marketed By: Seasons and Soul Consumer Products Pvt Ltd - 1201 Fortune Heights, 29th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400061

Packed by: Maxima Solutions, Plot No. 56, Sector-IIDC, IIE, SIDCUL, Pantnagar-263153. District - Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand.

Country of Origin: Italy Generic name: Shampoo Net Quantity: 300 ml

SKU: 2OH0012

EAN: 8906142760111

Next-generation blue-violet pigments are engineered to combat brassy and muddy tones in blonde or lightened hair. Blue neutralizes orange, while violet counteracts yellow, providing an efficient color correction solution. This dual-action approach ensures a cooler, more natural blonde shade. Additionally, it works on grey hair by enhancing brightness and neutralizing any yellowing or dullness, resulting in refreshed, vibrant hair with salon-quality results.
Argan oil in our Anti Yellow Shampoo nourishes and hydrates hair, enhancing shine, softness, and smoothness. Its moisturizing effects combat dryness and frizz, leaving hair healthier and more vibrant.

Anti-yellow shampoo is a type of shampoo that is specifically formulated to counteract the yellow or brassy tones in blonde, silver, gray, or white hair.

These shampoos are designed to help neutralize the warm or orange undertones that can sometimes develop in light-colored hair as a result of factors like sun exposure, chlorine, hard water, or certain hair products.

Ideally, anti-yellow shampoo can be used by anyone to clean their hair as it has argan oil which doesn’t dry out your hair and is super effective. 

Anti-yellow shampoos are best suited for people with light-colored hair who want to maintain a cool, ashy tone and helps restore the natural radiance and shine just like you highlight your hair for the first time. This includes natural blondes, salt and pepper hair and people with lightened or highlighted hair.

However, it's important to note that anti-yellow shampoos may not be suitable for everyone, especially if you have very dry or damaged hair. It's always a good idea to consult with a hair care professional before using any new products on your hair.

The frequency with which you should use an anti-yellow shampoo depends on various factors, such as the level of brassiness in your hair, the condition of your hair, and how often you wash your hair. In general, it's recommended to use an anti-yellow shampoo once or twice a week just like a regular shampoo to maintain the desired tone and prevent brassiness.

However, if your hair is very brassy or yellow, you may need to use the shampoo more frequently, up to three times a week, until you achieve the desired results. Once you've achieved your desired tone, you can reduce the frequency to once a week or every other week.

It's important to monitor the results and adjust the frequency of use accordingly.

Next-generation blue-violet pigment refers to an advanced formulation of pigments used in hair care products, specifically in shampoos designed to neutralize yellow or brassy tones in blonde, silver, gray, or white hair.

These pigments have a blue-violet hue, which is the complementary color of yellow-orange. When applied to hair, the blue-violet pigments work to cancel out the yellow or orange tones, leaving the hair looking cooler and more vibrant.

Next-generation blue-violet pigments are considered "next-generation" because they are more advanced than the previous generation of pigments used in anti-yellow shampoos. These pigments are often smaller in size and better able to penetrate the hair shaft, providing longer-lasting color correction.

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